I’m so far behind on requests and I’m super sorry! I’ve been busy with school but keep requesting and I’ll try to catch up and queue posts so that you get one every Saturday or Sunday! xx

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if anyone has requests put them in my ask please :)

okay. so I start school on Wednesday. meaning that if I don’t start getting some requests I’ll have to take a short hiatus. I’ll probably post every Saturday if I do start getting requests or if someone wants to be a “”member”” and make some while I’m at school. just let me know in my ask box or if you have any requests put those there too please :) so basically: let me know if you want me to take a hiatus, or just post every Saturday (only if I get requests :))

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requested x

I love your blog!! Follow back plzz?(:

i just made a faq page so go and check it out!

any requests while I’m making some? xx

For your anon; Ryan is dating Cece McClean. Joel is dating Kathyrn Knowles and Andy is dating Joey McDowell and Adam is third wheeling without a girlfriend :) x

that’s what I thought but idk. heh.